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Join Date - 1/18/2013 11:45
Arts Impex :- we dealing in Necklace Model, Bags, Bracelets, Ear Rings, Finger Rings, Unisex Jewellery, Chokers, Hair Pins etc.
Join Date - 1/18/2013 12:08
Swarnmandir Jewel Designer :-we dealing in Studded Bangle, Studded Bracelet, Studded Pendant, Studded Necklace,Studded Ring,Studded Watch etc.
Join Date - 1/19/2013 6:04
HYDRO MECH ENGINEERS dealing in Sleeper Laying Machine,Rail Threading Machine, Hydraulic Extractor, Hydraulic Pin Puller, Hydraulic Puller Set etc.
Join Date - 1/19/2013 7:27
Satya Chandra Flour Mills (p) Ltd :- we dealing in Bran Meal, Semolina, Coarse Wheat Flour, Wheat Flour etc.
Join Date - 1/19/2013 7:37
SANJAY PRECISION INDUSTRIES :- we dealing in Precision Turned Parts, CNC Turned Parts, VMC Machined Parts, Machined Rivets, Machined Screws,Steel Screw Boltsety etc.
Join Date - 1/19/2013 7:47
F CARE :- we dealing in Arpa Moulding Machines,TM Mixers,Foundry Equipments of DISA make,New Generation Moulding Boxes,Match Plates,Bushes,Closing Pins,Brass Vents,Copper Chaplet,Aluminium Chaplet,Foundry Air Guns,Die Casting Chemicals,Pre Coated Sand,Green Sand Additives (cold dust substitute),Leather Gloves,Ladle Handler/ Ladles,Belt Conveyers- Continental make,Aluminium Dicoates, Degasers, ASC for pressure die casting foundries,Buying and Selling of used Foundry Equipments etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 7:17
J. K. Overseas Corporation :-we deal in Horse Saddles-English Horse Saddles,Western Horse Saddles.Horse Bridles,Horse Halter-Nylon Horse Halter,Leather Horse Halter,Western Headstalls,Horse Riding Accessories-Horse Lead Ropes,Horse Girth,Horse Clothing-Horse Rugs,Horse Blankets,Horse Accessories-Horse Boots,Nylon Hay Net etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 7:34
Omkar Chemicals :-we dealing in Iodine derivatives,Ethyl Iodide,5-Iodo-2-methylbenzoic Acid,Methyl-2-Iodobenzoate,3,5-Diiodosalicylic Acid,Trimethylsulfoxonium Iodide,Iodine Monochloride,5-Iodoanthranilic acid,Potassium iodide,Ammonium Iodide,Cuprous Iodide,Sodium Metaperiodate,Iodobenzenediacetate,Dess Martin Periodinane,1,4-Diiodobenzene, 1,3-Acetonedicarboxylic Acid etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 8:09
R M METAL & ALLOYS :- we deals in Copper Products-Copper Wires,Copper Strips,Copper Cathodes,Copper Flats,Copper Wire Rods,Aluminum Products-Aluminium Strip,Aluminum Wire,Metal Scraps-Aluminium Scrap,Brass Scrap,Copper Scrap,Nickel Scrap,Zinc Scrap etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 8:45
Rikon Clocks Manufacturing dealing in Economic Wall Clock,Alarm Timepiece Table Clock,Office Wall Clock, Musical Wall Clock,Pendulum Wall Clock,Pendulum Musical Wall Clock,Rotating Musical Wall Clock,Sweep Wall Clock,LCD Wall Clock etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 8:55
Blossom Leathers dealing in Premium Leather Belts,Fine Leather Wallets,Cow Nappa Leather,Dress Leather, Upholstery Leather,Leather Safety Footwears,Toe Safety Footwear etc.
Join Date - 1/21/2013 10:46
we daling in IV Infusion Set,Blood Transfusion Set,Scalp Vein Set,Measured Volume Set,Urine Collection Bag,Ryles Tube,Infant Feeding Tube,Suction Catheter,Chest Drainage Catheter,Mucus Extractor etc best deal in Mucus Extractor.
Join Date - 1/22/2013 6:08
BHARAT INDUSTRIES dealing in Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill,Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill,Potato Planter,Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill,Disc Harrow,Shaft Thresher,Rotary Slasher,Tractor Trailer,Land Leveller,Cultivator Tillers,Rotary Tiller,M.B Plough etc.
Join Date - 1/22/2013 7:00
ROSTFREI STEELS PVT. LTD. deal in Storage Tanks :-Water Tanks, DM Water Tanks, Wastewater Tanks, Process Water Tanks, Underground Water Tanks, Overhead Tanks, Molasses Tanks, Oil Storage Tanks.Storage Silos :-Coffee Silo, Soya Silo, Wheat Silo, Rice Silo, Paddy Sil, Maize Silo, Corn Silo, Cotton seeds Silos, Barley Silo, Malt Silo, Seeds Silo, Artificial Lakes & Lagoons -Pond Liner, Canal Liner, Lake Liner, Landfill Liner, Concrete Tank Liners, Concrete Tank Liners,Reservoir Liner etc .
Join Date - 1/22/2013 7:32
SEALED ENERGY SYSTEMS dealing in Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, Spiral Lead Acid Batteries, Nickel Cadmium Batteries, Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries, Lithium Ion Batteries, Lithium Ion Phosphate Batteries, Smart Batteries, Medical Batteries, Laptop Batteries, Battery Chargers etc.
Join Date - 1/22/2013 7:44
Laxmi Engineering Works deal in Horizontal Band Saw Machine- Hydraulic Feeding, Efficient Resetting,Semi Automatic, Smoother Cutting Action, Optimum use of Blade, Accurate Faster Cutting, Semi Automatic / Fully Automatic, Extra Rigid & Durable , Less Maintenance,Technical Features, Manufacturing Specialties, Blade But Welding Machine etc.
Join Date - 1/22/2013 8:35
Shashi Cables Ltd deal in Bare Overhead Conductors ( upto 61 strands) - AAAC Conductor, AAC Conductor, AACSR Conductor, ACAR Conductor, ACSR Conductor, Greased Conductor, Aerial Bunched Conductor, Bare EC and Si-Mg alloy Aluminium Wires etc.
Join Date - 1/22/2013 10:41
Dropadi Fabrics deal in Polyester Fabric, Cotton Fabric, Soft Furnishing Fabric, Nylon Fabric, Embroidered Fabric, Viscose Rayon, Knitted Fabrics_x000D_ Silk Fabrics,Net Fabrics, Jacquard Fabric etc .
Join Date - 1/22/2013 11:02
SMT Machines (India) Limited deal in Gear Couplings, Reduction Gear Box, Pinion Gear Box, Mill Stands, Material Handling Equipments, Shearing Machines, Cooling Beds, Power Transmission Equipments, Roller Guiding Boxes,Straightening Machines, TMT Box, Rolled Products, Slag Crushing Machines, Fly Wheels etc.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 12:03
Avni Enterprises (Corporate Gift Solutions deal in Brass Gift Items, Wood Gift Items, Leather Gift Items, Promotional Gift Items, Stationery Gift Items, Diwali Gift Items, Gift Laptop Bags, General Gift Items, Steel Gift Items, Garment Gift Items etc.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 5:33
Swaraj Machinery Makers deal in Lathe Machines-Roll Turning Lathe Machine, All Geared Lathe Machine, Heavy Duty Lathe Machine, Horizontal Boring Machine, Radial Drill Machines-Single Column Radial Drilling etc. Machine, Double Column Radial Drilling Machine, Planner Machine-Double Column Planner, Plano Miller Machine, Heavy Duty Shaper Machine, Hydraulic Control Hacksaw Machine, Slotter Machine, Hydraulic Press, Power Press, Vertical Milling Machine, Vertical Turning Machines etc.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 6:13
ANANT ENGINEERING WORKS dealing in Calenders, Mixing Mills, Rubber Recycling,rackers/Grinders/Refiners, Machinery,Extruders/Strainers etc give you best deal for all products.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 9:48
Amg Engineering Works best deal in Bakery Machines-Cake Mixing Machine, Flour Mixing Machine, Toast Cutter, Rotary Oven, Amla Punching Machine, Amla Shredding Machine, Juice Machine, Solar Dryer, Chemical Mixing Machine, Stainless Steel Storage Tank, Glass Bending Machine, Chapati Making Machines, Vegetable Washer, Industrial Conveyor etc.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 9:58
Ezhil Industries best dealing for products -Nozzle, Boiler Fan, Elevator Bucket, Mechanical Dust Collector, Vibratory Feeder, Air Preheater, Ash Feeder, Boiler Condensate Pumps, Fuel Cross,Fire Bar, Inlet Guide Vane, Automatic Water Level Controller, Outlet Guide Vane, Pocket Feeder, Screw Feeder, Thermocouple, Turbulator, Bed Coil Shield, Fire Prevention Doors, Stainless Steel Ferrules, Drag Chain Feeder etc.
Join Date - 1/23/2013 10:21
AMBIENCE FERTCHEM PVT. LTD. best deal for products &services A well established distributor and supplier of plant growth regulator, pentax, rootex, nitro boom, fulvic acid, humic acid liquid, antinematode solution, humic nitro amino granules, amino acid liquid, antimite solution, nitrobenzene, phosphoric acid liquid, herbal insecticide, herbal miticide...

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