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We are manufacturer and exporters of all types of Lifting Magnets, Magnetic Separators and Magnetic Filters.
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Mann Machine Tools, India best dealing in Power Press , C' Type Power Press, Inclinable Type Power Press, Cross Shaft Power Press, Pillar Type Power Press , Pneumatic Clutch Pillar Type Power Press, Hydraulic Pillar Type Power Press, Shearing Machines , Mechanical Shearing Machines, Crank Shearing Machines , Mechanical Over Crank Shearing Machines, Mechanical Under Crank Shearing Machines etc.
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Green Earth Products Pvt. Ltd deals in Spices, Agro, Herbal And Neem Products, Spice Powder, Onion Powder, Herbal Products, Herbal Tea, Agro Products, Neem Products, Fresh Vegetables, Neem Leaves Powder, Neem Tea, Green Chillies, Cookery Ginger, Olibanum Gum, Sena Leaves etc.
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Shalimar Precision Enterprises PVT LTD deals in Bolts & Nuts, Brake & Clutch Parts, Engine Parts, Steering & Suspension Parts, Mounting & Rubber Parts, Auto Electical Parts, Gears, Leaf Springs, Bearings, Cables, Automotive Lights, Gaskets, Oil Seals, Fuel and Water Pumps, Propeller Shaft Parts, Chassis Parts, Pulleys, Radiators and Fanblades, Tractor parts, Trailer, Accessories etc.
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Micro Pulveriser,centrifugal –dresser, size reduction Machineries (pulverisers, breakers, cutters) De –stoners and spices grinding plants of capacities varying from 100-1000 kg p/h .mixer(capacity 500kg-3tons).we Manufacture Automatic 3 operation chilli grinding &cleaning plants Automatic 2 operation Blended Spices grinding plant .Apart from that we also develop and manufacture cattle & poultry feed grinding machinery and Ginger-Garlic paste making Manufacturing pulverisers, and Automatic spices grinding plants material...

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