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Bengal Bitumen deals in Industrial Bitumen, Bituminous Products, Asphalt Roofing Felt, Water Proofing Membrane, ISI Marked Products, Waterproofing Products, Bitumens etc.
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Leyan Exports deals in Leather Products, Leather Cords, Leather Laces, Leather Barbed Wire, Waxed Cotton Cords etc.
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Am Power Cord Corporation deals in Braided Elastic Cords, Bungee Cord , Bungee Cord Assemblies, Bungee Cord Hook, Non Elastic Cord etc.
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NOBLESMIT METAL PRODUCTS deals in Drum Accessories, Drum Making Machine, Can Closure, Drum Closure, Lug Cap, Plastic Strapping Buckles etc.
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PADMAVATHI HANDICRAFTS deals in Home Furnishings Accessories Fashion Accessories, Readymade Garments, Garment Accessories etc.
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LIFTBOY INDUSTRIES deals in Industrial Cranes, EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes Goliath Crane, C Hook, Pulley Block, Industrial Trolleys, Transfer Trolley Double Girder Trolley, Industrial Winches, Crab Winch, Power Winch Chain Pulley Blocks, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, Goods Lift, Spreader Beam Lifting Accessories etc.
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ARFA EXPORTS deals in Bone Products, Bone Handles, Bone Buttons, Bone Plates, Horn Products, Horn Handles, Horn Buttons, Horn Plates etc.
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Ramchandra Dahyabhai Narrow Fab Pvt. Ltd deals in ButtonHole Elastic, Crochet Tape, Curtain Tape, Gross Grains Tape, Knitted Elastic, Malai Dori, Organza Ribbon, Polyester Tape, Satin Ribbon, Shoulder Tape, Stretched Elastic, Velvet Ribbon, Woven Elastic, Zari Laces etc.
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SRI RAJ HANDLOOM EXPORT deals in Recycled Silk Yarn, Recycled Sari Yarn Banana Silk Yarn, Recycled Silk Fibers, Sari Ribbon, Throwster Silk Yarn Throwster Silk Fiber, Matka Silk Yarn, Feswa Silk Yarn, Silk Scarf, Sari Pieces etc.
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OROSILBER deals in Cufflinks, Cotton Handkerchiefs, Flag Lapel Pins, Leather Belts, Leather Wallets, Silver Pen, Tie Clips, Tuxedo Stud Sets, Socks, Combed Cotton Socks, Mercerized Socks, Silk Socks, Silk Knots etc.
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BeYarns can offer nylon textured yarn with various filaments counts and luster. We are also offer multi-ply yarn or Nylon Dyed , Micro Fiber, and more to create the life of fabric.BeYarns elastic covered yarn is spandex yarn wrapping with one or two strands of filament yarns to increase filament yarns with higher elasticity for better draping property and keeping in shape.

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